Mylecs and toothpicks

Do you remember those plastic Mylec blades we used when we were kids?  They were the big, thick, heavy plastic things you screwed on to to the shaft of a busted stick for driveway or road hockey.  I can remember using them from time to time because they lasted forever and saved hockey parents a few bucks along the way.

I think cooper had a version as well (the superblade?) that was a bit thinner and was whiter in colour.  In both cases, I think you could actually heat the blade over a stove element to curve it.

Speaking of sticks blades, do you remember that before you had to go the Mylec route, you could reach almost priveleged status among your buddies if you were able to create a really impressive “toothpick”.  For those of you unfamiliar with the game, a toothpick was simply a stick you had used so much that you had worn the blade down to a fine point at the toe without actually have broken the blade off.

There was also honour to be earned by creating a stick blade that while still ample at the toe, had next to no material  left on the heel.  These babies were far less dangerous than toothpicks as they resembled more an odd shaped paddle than a weapon.



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3 responses to “Mylecs and toothpicks

  1. ironwood21

    Those “toothpicks” were a real status to have and if you were lucky enough to have one you had instant respect. Rick Caskenette had one and I hated taking my turn in net when he would shoot that frozen tennis ball… I am convinced he was blasting them at speeds that rivaled the Hull brothers… Tim F. (Plaza Court Blues)

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