Red Beats Blue in 9-3 Nail-biter

I know you’re probably reading this and thinking that there’s no way I should be calling a 9-3 game a nail-biter (especially if you’re from the red team).  However, in what was a much more closely contended match than the score reflects, the WOHL served up yet another reason why its such a great league to play in.  Lots of goals, some big hits, a couple of close icings and spares that continue fill the coffers for the year-end symposium.

The red team’s energy line did most of the damage in the second period after the blue team had lead for a brief time 3-2.    The second period turned against the blue squad though, who were gassed after firing an incredible 71 shots at Moose in the red cage in the first period.

Jamie Buchanan said after the game that he kept thinking we were going to come back even as the goals against kept rolling in.   Rich Crowley claimed to have the same feeling.  However, Larry Davidson perhaps was a little more realistic when he suggested he was looking at the clock with 14 minutes to go wondering how long that time would take.  Everyone in the blue room agreed that we were missing Rajna’s stick though.


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