-13 Degrees at Vic Park on a Saturday Morning

Five layers of shirts, sweaters and coats, four layers of pants, three pairs of socks, two gloves and one puck.  Game on!

Brett and I headed off to Vic Park this morning for a game of shinny and what a fabulous time it was.  We got there as a game was forming, the ice was fresh from last night’s flood and it was really cold but bright and sunny.     There were about a half dozen guys on each side and we played flat out for an hour or so.  The young guys never stopped to rest while the old guys tended to “hang back on defence” every so often when there was a need for oxygen.  I won’t mention which camp I fell into.

Vic Park Shinny

Vic Park Shinny

The game had all the elements of great Canadian shinny.  Some old guys, some young guys, some kids, a couple of guys who just never seem to understand that unwritten code that thou shalt not raise the puck intentionally, or beyond a certain height, in most situations when people aren’t wearing equipment, some classic give-aways caused by the “I thought he was on our side?” foible, the odd collision when the game was really smoking, and of course the odd duel between certain players from each side who match up favourably against one another.

We played there a couple off weeks back on a very similar morning and there was some faces from that day present today as well.   As we left, about half the other players left as well.  We’d had our fix for the day but will no doubt be back if the winter weather holds up.

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