Great Moments in Breaking In New Skates

Buy a new pair of skates today and the store will often put them in a little oven that heats them and then get you to try them on for ten minutes or so with the goal being to have the skates mold to your feet.   It all sounds very impressive but I’m willing to guess its just marketing razzle-dazzle.   After all, considering new skates are going to have your sweaty feet in them for hundreds and perhaps thousands of hours, wouldn’t they mold to your feet anyway after the first few hours?   But I digress.

When I was in grade 9 (I think), my dad bought me brand new skates.  More than skates really.  Super-Tacks.   Say it like you mean it ‘cuz that’s a wicked name for any product.  Anyway, the guys who sold them to me, Fontaine’s Sport and Cycle in Peterborough (and I think they are still there), suggested that when I got home, I fill the bathtub up with about a foot of very warm water, lace up the new blades and go stand in it for about…hmmm…ten minutes or so.  Then, take ’em off and let ’em dry out real well and voila, they should be molded to my feet.

I loved those skates and wore them for years and years.  They were the last pair I ever broke in using a bathtub.

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