3 on 3 Tourney

I played my first 3 on 3 tournament this weekend.  Geez boy, am I ever tired after four 20-minute games of that in a 24 hour period.  And what a different game it is.   We ended up playing for all the marbles, (the over-50 consolation final after finishing 4th in a 5 team round robin) and lost miserably in a game we should have won.  Isn’t that always the way when you lose?

Some highlights of the tournament were the constant stream of one-liners in the dressing room before and after all four games, the teasing Webbie took around Ireland’s loss to Scotland in a rugby match somewhere across the pond earlier today, the 47 saves our goalie Fulch made in the first three minutes of game two which we eventually lost 6-0 (but should have won) and of course the deal we made to avoid a fifth game against the team we played in game four which was actually the final game of the round robin but, due to our records, was simply going to mean playing against them again three hours later and both teams were tired so why bother?

This was a tournament I’d been too young to play in a few years back and then was away during March break in the prior two years when I was first eligible so it was great to get a chance this year.   I knew most of the guys from other leagues / teams and recognized a few faces I was playing against.   I think my 140 pound playing weight is starting to work against me though so I’m resolving to engage in dry land training to get my playing weight back up the 210 pounds that would be optimal on my frame for next September.   Looking forward to the carbs (and a good sleep tonite).

One last note on Fulch our goalie – the joke was that in our game two 6-0 loss, it worth noting that while his goals against was really, really well south of awful by any measure, his .987 save percentage was worthy of compliments.  Ok, so maybe it’s a stretch to say we should have won that game.

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