What Makes a Great Rink Attendant?

The first half of this year’s summer season is on Wednesday night’s in New Hamburg from 10:00 -11:00.   A couple of weeks back, we noticed that the garage door hiding the zamboni opened around 10:48 and the rink attendant appeared at the glass behind the net.  We knew our time was up in two minutes since normally we get kicked off at exactly ten minutes to the hour to allow him to flood in advance of the next ice time, or in this case, since this poor guy was nearing the end of his shift, to allow him to get things cleaned up so he can go home.

However, 10:50 came and went and the attendant continued to watch as we played.   He was standing right next to the buzzer switch.  Knowing the ice time was just about over, the guys on the ice really dug in and kept playing.  Still no buzzer.  Someone on the bench suggested maybe he was waiting for one team to score, kind of a next-goal-wins approach to kicking us off.  Sure enough, it took almost another 2 or 3 minutes but someone finally scored, and right after that he rang the buzzer.   It worked out to a few extra minutes ice but was worth much more than that.   The next week, same thing.

This guy deserves a medal.


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