Blinded by the Twine

A few weeks back, I had a chance to score where I was wide open at the right edge of the crease with the puck and the goalie was down on his back.   His glove was on the short side but all I had to do was shoot it over him.  So that’s what I did.  Only it didn’t go over his glove – he reached up while lying on his back and surprise, surprise, the puck went in his glove because I didn’t shoot it high enough.   I probably panicked a bit, didn’t take enough time, didn’t rip it hard enough, yada yada yada.

Guffaws all around and back to the bench for this chump.  It really was a great save but I had the clear advantage and should have scored.  But hey, who among us hasn’t missed the odd tap-in?  This just makes the post game banter funnier, right?  Next time.  Nexxxtttt time.

Funny thing was, next time came about two shifts later.  Almost identical situation.  The only difference was this time, I had the added advantage of having been robbed (and embarrassed) by the tender just minutes before.   I had all freakin’ day this second time around and I used every moment of it.  I hung on to the puck just a second longer, I waited until I knew the goalie was so down and out he’d bee too tired to raise his arm.  I even faded back a step or so to give myself a better angle.  It was surreal.  I can even remember thinking – what are the odds I’d get a chance such a mirror of the one from a couple of shifts ago?  Then I ripped it top shelf.  Sweet!

And it went in his glove again.

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One response to “Blinded by the Twine

  1. Jarrod Luchsinger

    Hmmmmmm,You are way ahead of me. I can’t even raise anymore 😉

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