A Hockey Player’s Christmas List

From a purely hockey perspective, here are some gifts I would love to get, in no particular order:

  1. Two tickets to a Bruins game in Orr’s rookie season
  2. A chance to watch Gordie Howe  shooting at the head of any guy who dared to try and block his shots.  (Apparently he did this)
  3. A chance to play shinny with Gretzky on his back yard rink when we was 10
  4. A video clip of my dad playing hockey on Boiler’s Creek (on what was then the outskirts of Peterborough) in early winter with his buddies, when he was in his late teens, and had hiked in from the farm on a Sunday afternoon after his chores were done
  5. A stick handling lesson from Gilbert Perrault
  6. A chance to play the OFSSA semi-final game in 1981 over again
  7. A brand new one of those old wooden Koho 201’s with the 5 blue stripes near the bottom of the shaft.   A stick for the ages.
  8. One night of NHL play where the goalies all have to wear throw-back equiment (1980’s throwback)…and just so any goalies don’t get all lathered up about this, we’ll make it fair and make all the Stamkos’s and Ovechkin’s use those Koho 201’s with the blue stripes
  9. The chance to play one game in the NHL as Sydney Crosby’s winger

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One response to “A Hockey Player’s Christmas List

  1. Dave Barrett

    Can I add:

    10. Two tickets to the 8th game of the 1972 Canada-Soviet series with seats right behind the net where Paul Henderson scored.

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