Shinny Armageddon II

Alright, there really is one thing as bad a the one-goalie scenario I wrote about previously.   It’s when you get to the rink for your 10:00 PM game on a Monday night around 9:40 only to find out your game was at 9:00 PM.   This happened to one of the boys on the blue team this past Monday and I gotta tell you, when we got off the ice after the game, poor Graham really did look like his dog had been hit by a car (see link above for more on this comparison).

Like any self-respecting oldtimer, that night’s game was to be the high point of his Monday and he’d really been looking forward to it.   To make matters worse, we lost and were hurting for goals so we took the opportunity to rub it in that the absence of this 50 goal guy from our lineup was part of the reason for the loss, thus adding friendly insult to self-inflicted injury.

In this hi tech, wired world of ours, missing a game because of a schedule misinterpretation ought to be an affliction we can banish from the game forever, like the measles, or TB.  Perhaps there’s an app for that?  Maybe a sensor that gets embedded in a hockey stick that can tell if it isn’t getting loaded into the car in some reasonable time prior to the game.


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3 responses to “Shinny Armageddon II

  1. Rich:

    Hey this is a great site! I particularly like your Christmas list. I’m curious about the 1981 OFSSA semi-final. What is the story?

    Keep up the good work.

    Graham C

    • There’s likely a full post in the future about that game but long story short, we got a little over-confident when a team we’d had trouble with during the season got upset by an unknown team in the quarters. We felt this was good karma coming to us and it never occurred to us that this unknown team had to be pretty good to have won that game. There was too little sleep, too many card games for us before the semis as a result and it was over before we got our skates tied up.

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