Things I’ve Liked About Hockey

  1. The sound made when a puck rings off the iron.  Unmistakeable, distinct, slightly different for each shot depending on how hard it was shot, how direct it hits, etc.  Music to my ears.  Seriously, who doesn’t like this sound?
  2. Feeling worn out after the game.   Beats jogging any day.  Beats exercise in almost any form.   Beats gardening.    Beats splitting wood (but not by too much).
  3. Lifting a guy’s stick from behind to steal a puck.  Sneaky and clean like a thief.  When the guy you’ve stolen from screams at the indignity, so much the better.
  4. Butterflies before a big game.  This doesn’t happen anymore but when I was young, you could feel the excitement in your gut.
  5. The inevitable smiles that follow the inevitable jokes that follow every conversation about why this year will be different for the Leaf’s.
  6. Cold beer when it’s over.  (This is a newer thing since church league in Peterborough that I started playing at age 8  didn’t allow this.)
  7. Trash talk.  Giving it.  Taking it.  Listening to it when it goes by you and hits whoever the victim is.
  8. The characters in every dressing room I’ve even been in, the unique character of every team I’ve ever been on.
  9. Watching kids playing driveway hockey, road hockey, mini-sticks, etc.
  10. Getting a goalie mad (in a good sorta way ‘cuz when they are really mad at you, well…they are just plain scary then)
  11. A backhand that works as planned (a flip pass maybe, a shot from a bad angle that has to go top shelf and actually does, an-oh-crap-we-need-a-line-change-and-i-don’t-have-time-to-go-to-my-forehand-to-ice-it clearing attempt when you’re three kilometres from your bench)
  12. Going back to, or driving by, an old arena that has good memories
  13. Watching your son or daughter’s first goal
  14. Talking hockey with your dad


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2 responses to “Things I’ve Liked About Hockey

  1. Jarrod Luchsinger

    Raising your stick at the end of a game.
    Patting the goalie’s pads.
    Looking up at the clock.
    Getting out of the penalty box.
    The bench skate by slaps after a goal.
    Season openers.
    The smells (well maybe not).

  2. hmmm…what about blasting out of the gate after the zamboni left the ice, racing down the ice and launching yourself into the boards in some mock body check that you used to do to start things off? Given the amount of time you spent in the sin-bin, I’m not surprised that made your list too 🙂

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