So…What Was The Final Score?

The Blue team played tonite in Elmira.  Classic Monday-nighter.  End to end action, lots of goals, a big hit between two of our guys.   We played the red team.  What a game.  At the end…it was classic oldtimer hockey…we couldn’t agree on the score.

With 30 seconds to go, we couldn’t decide whether to pull our goalie or not.  I thought we were tied.  The other team thought they were ahead by one.  As we shook hands afterwards, they felt the final was 7-6.  Our goalie Mark counted only 6 behind him.  Across the board, our guys were sure we had 6.  With 6 behind Mark and 6 for us, the consensus was that we had tied.  Trouble was, we could only find 5 goals for in our dressing room after the game.

I ran into Fulch, their goalie on the way out to the car after the game.   An honest man who claimed we definitely pumped 6 by him…but that they scored 7.  Damn goalies.   Can’t trust ’em…but when in doubt, go with your own guy for goals against and their guy for goals for.  At least in this situation.

We think the red team made an illegal change in the last couple of minutes so if the truth is that they were leading by 1, we want the penalty shot we were owed at end of game to give us a chance to tie it.  If we were actually tied…this could actually be for the win.   But then, if they were up by 2, as Warmington thought…



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3 responses to “So…What Was The Final Score?

  1. Steve M

    Very funny and just like I remembered it (I think). Just to clarify, “a big hit between two of our guys”, that was one of the Blue team subs taking out our own player. You’re never sure whose side those subs are playing for.

  2. Tim Farrell

    I think it is more a sign of the aging demographics of the WOHLer. Despite a league full of accountants, computer whizzes, plumbers and electricians that do ciphering all day long, it is remarkable that scores and goals are remembered so differently. God help me if I ever need a WOHLer to provide my alibi in court.

    #12 White Team

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