Thoughts prior to Christmas Tourney ’11 (and scouting video)

The W’s Christmas tournament happens this Monday night.   Anticipation is high that the old barn will be packed to the rafters with rabid fans who just appreciate hockey played the old school way.  No helmets, sears catalog shinpads, goalies without masks, wooden sticks with no curve and players on opposite teams who just don’t like each other very much.

Ok, that’s just bluster.  There will be no fans and it’s a relatively new rink with steel girders instead of rafters.  While there are still some wooden sticks, we all wear helmets, some wear mouth guards and our goalies have heavier garb than Darth Vader.  Protection is as important now as it was when we were 16 and so while some of us have some old school equipment (grade 10 shoulder pads still exist in this bloke’s hockey bag), most of us strap ourselves into safe gear relatively tightly.  In fact, I heard one WOHL’er say to another as the other poured a whole role of tape around both his legs before Thursday night’s game “What – are you afraid you’re going to fall apart out there!?”

Lastly, we all pretty much all get along as we have to share the chicken wings afterwards at the Central, especially in light of Duncan’s concern that Webbie just never orders enough wings, the dominant topic of conversation in the blue team’s dressing room since approximately Thanksgiving weekend.  So here’s to Monday night.  The Blue team is ready to change it’s strategy by attempting to score first in all three games since we all know in a 15 minute game in the W, it’s kinda like sudden death from the drop of the first puck.  Game On!

Check out the footage of red vs. white as well.  If you have your volume up loud enough and your hearing aid in, you can hear Farrell shouting at someone to get the puck on the net very early on in this clip.  Kudo’s to white’s goalie who stacks the pads part way through and gets a huge roar from the crowd…er…someone.


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One response to “Thoughts prior to Christmas Tourney ’11 (and scouting video)

  1. Steve McDowell

    Geez, they’re moving slowly. Are we all really like that now? 🙂

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