The One-Boot Net

I was out for a walk the other night quite late and wandered through downtown Waterloo past the rink in front of Waterloo town square.   It was a fabulous winter night and on the rink a 5 on 5 game was in progress, fully ignoring the “rink closed, stay off” sign parked at the rink’s edge near the middle.

It actually looked like there were spares waiting for their shift although I didn’t stay long enough to see if they came on at some point.  It was just a good old game of shinny, university students I’m guessing by the age of them.

The interesting thing was, they had a unique way of setting up a net which I’m ashamed to admit I have never seen before.  I first noticed it when one guy beat the last defenceman close to the end of the rink and then sent the puck skittering towards the goal.  I saw it hit one post, which was a boot, and send it sliding about 5 feet away.  However, when they put the boot back in position, I couldn’t see the other post (boot) and realized at that point, they were only using one.  This was kind of like having to shoot and hit iron when you play on a real rink with no goalie.

Another example of Canadian innovation at its finest.

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