Montreal III – Where to Begin?

Like our two previous Spring trips to Montreal for a weekend of hockey and sociable, this one was a dandy.  From this old blogger’s perspective, the one big difference is that I wrote stuff down on my blackberry as the weekend progressed so unlike other years, I can actually remember some of the great one liners heard and memories made over the course of three days.  I snapped a few pictures as well and our BBM group allowed a fair number of priceless moments to be captured digitally, perhaps some that probably should be deleted sooner than later.

So, unlike last year’s summary, where I wrote one post and promised to write more but never did because I couldn’t remember much by the time I work up on Tuesday morning, let me start this brief weekend recap with a visual.  If I had to describe this adventure in terms of great movies, I’d  say it was an amalgam of Deliverance, The Hangover, The Sound of Music and Shooter.

Deliverance comes to mind because try as I might, I just cannot shake the image of that big guy from the other team in Game 2 lying on top of Gary in his crease in the most awkward of positions.   (Sorry Gary but I had nightmares last night of Ned Beatty wearing a goalie mask and I think I’m going to just keep typing here for a good long time ‘cuz I’m afraid to go to bed).

The Hangover comes to mind for more than a few reasons.   Other than the fact there was no chicken wandering in my room when I woke up in the morning, I think the rest of the movie probably paralleled our weekend pretty well.    While no one got married (no one got married did they?) and no one lost teeth  (although there was that Cornwall Brent guy who kept telling us the story about being willing to knock out people’s teeth) and we didn’t smash up a car (although the bus driver doing the formula one thing around back of the arena on the way home Friday night where he took out snowbanks with his bumper like the Titanic took out that iceberg was a little weird, and weirder still that he did it on April 14th), we were basically a bunch of guys on a road trip probably having a bit too much to drink at times,  staying out too late and abusing each other more than is healthy.

The Sound of Music?  Well, it wasn’t nuns because I didn’t see any of them.  I didn’t even see any candidates for nuns.  Those girls at the restaurant on St. Laurent on Saturday night at the next table were so not nuns that even Rick and Garry seemed a little bit scared of them.  Same for Nazis, didn’t see a one.  However, two nights at Hurley’s listening to the boys from Solstice was a musical pleasure that even Julie Andrews could never touch no matter what she might have had up that habit.

Lastly, Shooter comes to mind for a couple of reasons.  In the moments that I’m able to chase my Ned Beatty nightmares away, I get flashes of an arm shooting straight up to catch the waitresses’ attention to bring more Yager at Hurley’s.   I also would be remiss if I didn’t point that not only is Dan deadly at ordering shooters, he’s pretty deadly with his shot.   In Game 2 on Saturday, on three different shots from the point, he dropped Matt, a guy on the other team and then scored.   Perhaps if I queued up some bango music while replaying those three highlights,  I’d be back at Deliverance but I’m already freaked out by the Ned Beatty thing so Shooter it is.

It was a wonderful trip with good hockey, good food and drink and some wildly funny moments.  I will definitely write more over the coming days.

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  1. Rick

    I may have been a little scared by the St. Laurent women, but at the same time could not look away. Just glad I was at the scene! 🙂

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