365 Days of Hockey

It’s been several years since I started this blog.  I have written a total of 63 posts.  Some of these are short stories and some are just a few sentences.  However, there have been many days where a hockey memory or two crossed my mind that never made it to rinktales.  In some cases I was too busy or tired to write, didn’t have access to a computer or, (the best excuse of all) I was actually off playing hockey somewhere.

That’s about to change.  Although I play twelve months of the year, the fall always feels like the official “beginning” of hockey season and I have decided to try and write at least one post each day for the next year.  There will likely be some lame ones, a few that sound like ones that have already been written and perhaps I will miss the odd day.

However, starting today (even though it’s not fall yet and with there being no particular significance about today in hockey world), I’m hoping to build rinktales into a much larger volume of hockey stories.

I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Jarrod luchsinger

    Good luck…. I was missing them!

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