Coombes and Ferguson, Spokes and Pedals, Fontaines

There was no SportCheck, National Sports, etc. when I was growing up.  You had the sports departments at stores like Canadian Tire and the odd hardware store would carry sticks. Then you had the small, sports-only retailers.  These were mecca to young athletes in small towns.

In Peterborough, there were three such stores that I can remember.   From my youngest days, I can remember Coombes and Ferguson as THE sports store in town.  It was on George Street, just north of the Canadian tire where George and Water split.   It was a magical place.  Lots of hockey equipment, lots of ski equipment, lots of lacross equipment.   Cy Coombes and Larry Ferguson were the proprietors and I believe were seriously into all three of those sports.  It went out of business sometime while I was in high school I think.

Fontaine’s Sport and Cycle was over a little closer to East City prior to crossing the Hunter Street Bridge.  I can remember buying several pairs of skates there and lots of sticks.  They had a heavy specialty in bikes as well.  It is still there and is a Source for Sports outlet.

In my high school years, there was a very small shop opened on south George Street right across from the Canadian Tire named Spokes and Pedals.  This was a store where the owner was the only employee.  Obviously bikes were his specialty but he did a mean job sharpening skates and always had lots of sticks.  I can remember walking down there at lunch during high school with Dan McDougall and getting our skates done on game day.  That store later moved to Aylmer street and is also still there if google search is to be believed.

There was also a store over on Charlotte Street for a brief time (whose name I cannot recall) run by Danny Sullivan, son of a fairly famous local athlete named Red Sullivan.   This was a clothing only store and it served up cool  football jerseys, winter coats of your favourite hockey team (I had an Islander’s coats), an excellent selection of baseball caps, pennants, posters etc.  This store likewise didn’t last too long.

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