Hockey Stuff Going On

Here’s how hockey has played a role in this  very average day in my life so far this morning…as of 11:22 AM:

  • Got up, let the dog out and rather than walk him, (which he has become allergic to this summer), I spent ten minutes shooting two rubber balls back and forth across the back yard with a busted old hockey stick for him to fetch.
  • After breakfast, I’m heads down into IOS development (an area of personal learning I’ve been spending time on).  The app I’m focusing my efforts on is call “Team Captain” aimed at making life easier for those who play the role of captains in the rec hockey league I play in.  This is great fun.  I’m learning a ton and well…it has a hockey hook to it.
  • I’m also checking email frequently from buddies who are replying to a golf game planning inquiry.  I met all these blokes playing hockey at some point in the past.
  • Received another email announcing first Friday of hockey for winter season Friday afternoon pickup (at which I don’t play regular but do spare occasionally).  Hmmmm….to play tomorrow or not?
  • Replied to an email asking if I’ll be playing in tonite’s second last Thursday night of summer pickup.
  • Received a flame email from old classmates because some of us backed out of a one-time challenge hockey game at an upcoming class reunion.

I wonder what the afternoon will bring?



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