“Hail Cesare!”

Cesare Maniago

Yes, the fans used to actually chant that when Cesare Maniago, the Minnesota North Stars main man in the cage in their early years was on his game.  Is there a greater name than Cesare Maniago?  I think not.  I remember this goalie from the 70’s mostly because of his elegant name and a little because of the cool masks he wore.

One other memory I have, though it’s pretty faint, is watching him one Saturday night on TV when his Stars played the Leafs and he had one whale of game.  Don’t remember the score but I remember him making a lot of great saves.

The pic of the hockey card is from my old collection.  At Third String Goalie, here’s a blurb on the Stars in their early days as well some details on Maniago…and a picture of his cool masks.

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