Rockstars and Hockey

Here’s a great story about two great Canadian musicians and hockey.  My neighbour told this one over dinner a couple of years back.  This neighbour knew someone who was friends with Gord Downie of the Tragically Hip and Downie apparently plays goalie.  So, this story comes from Downie to a friend who is also a friend of my neighbour.  Not exactly Pulitzer-journalism but this is just a hockey blog so get over it.

There was some occasion where Downie was involved in a game where Jim Cuddy of Blue Rodeo was also playing.  One of the other players on the ice, who was new to the group, recognized Cuddy but didn’t recognize Downie.  At the end of the game, as they were making their way off  the ice, this person skates over to Downie and asks if that’s really Jim Cuddy.  Downie confirms it is and the other guy says something to Downie about how cool it is to have just played a game with a famous Canadian music man, having no idea who Downie was.

Goalies eh?  Life behind the mask is a life of anonymity.

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