Greats Who Never Won The Cup

I got thinking the other day about some of the great pros I watched as a kid who never won it all.  Jean Ratelle comes to mind.  I remember him being so good in those late 70’s series against the Habs and the Bruins coming so close.  Gilbert Perreault is another.  Him and his French connection buddies were so good for those brief years in Buffalo where they lit it up.

Mike Gartner, while not in the class of Ratelle or Perreault in my opinion did manage to score over 700 goals – not a bad career.    Tony O between the pipes and in later years, Denis Savard were as good as they came but for those two Hawks, all they have are near misses.

From modern day players, how about Ryan Smyth of Edmonton?  He’s not done yet but it would be wonderful to see him win one.  For all the grief we give the Leafs, Mats Sundin was a great one who came up empty.


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