The Brooklyn Islanders

I’ll admit it – I’m a former Islander fan who gave up on his team along time ago.  As a kid, and several years before they ran off four straight cup wins, I was a big fan of the Islanders.  In the years following those cups, when Pat Flatley was captain (a player I actually played against once in a high-school tournament in Toronto), and when the Sutters were still bumping and grinding, I stuck with them.

Starting in the 90’s though, they truly lost their way and like the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel, seem forever destined to just wander around out in the wastelands.  [Note:  Apparently there were originally 12 tribes in Israel but two are present and accounted for – the other 10 are still missing].  About this time, I simply stopped following them.

With their announcement this week that they’d be moving to Brooklyn in 2015, the NY Islanders are soon to be a footnote in NHL history.  And so hats off to Trots and Boss, Potvin, Gilles, Bobby Nystrom, Butch with your ever so cool helmet, Ken Morrow with your OT goal that sank the Rangers in the deciding game 5 of that epic series with them when they had Superman Herb Brooks behind the Ranger bench, and of course Battlin’ Billy Smith (never shook hands after a series) in the cage, for the 4 Cups and good times you brought to the Nassau County Coliseum on Long Island.

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