The Pride of Trout Creek Ontario

I don’t remember Gerry Odrowski as a hockey player.  I only remember my Dad telling me a story about a very average hockey player named Gerry Odrowski that for some reason some fans somewhere decided to form a fan-club around precisely because he was so average.   Now my Dad told me this story a LONG time ago and the only reason I can come up with for it being even remotely accurate (ie. that he actually told me such a story) is that there’s no way I would have remembered the name Gerry Odrowski for any other reason.

Whether there was actually a fan-club in his name is debatable since Google offers no such evidence.  However, the essence of the story stands – he seems to have been one pretty ordinary dude.  In fact, judging by his picture, he looks like he might have been too old to play in my older-timer league even now if you moved him ahead 30 years.  Seriously – look at this guy!

The back of his hockey card says he was a “solid, stay-at-home defenceman” and a good passer who chipped in 36 points in 77 games for the 1974 LA Sharks.


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6 responses to “The Pride of Trout Creek Ontario

  1. member of the Gerry O fan club

    well, up until a year or so ago, I would have liked to see you try to get past him at our annual Trout Creek Carnival family hockey tournament — even in his early 70’s !

  2. Hans F

    Your dad was right. I remember the “Gerry Odrowski Fan Club”. They even composed a theme song for him. Awesome.

  3. Bernie

    ‘O’ was a very good skater and damn good hockey player, to say he was just ‘ an average hockey player’ sells him short and underestimates his long career. Many people would have loved to have such an average career.

  4. Ron R.

    Gerry was the ‘boss’ at the MNR Junior Ranger Camp on Loxton Lake that I worked at in 1971. Great guy to work for with a lot of patience for a bunch of rammy 17 year boys.

  5. ao loo

    i attended ryerson in the 1970’s and remember the odrowski fan club. students would attend games when gerry played in toronto

  6. kale

    Hey there, I don’t know how old this comment is but I was looking through some Pics of Gerry from back in his day… I can vouch about the fan club for you at least, they even had a chant about Gerry O, my Mom and some others put a roast together and for him and found it somewhere, I can’t tecall how it went though!
    I’ve been lucky enough to know him as long as I can remember, played against him and with him most my life in Trout Creek!
    He still plays old timers, and you still won’t come out of his corner with the puck, and if by chance you do, you won’t have a stick😏

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