Lou Angotti, Dennis Kearns and the Kansas City Scouts

After our WOHL game tonite, Mike Paola asked if anyone remembered the name Lou Angotti.  Given the age of the guys in the room, most did.   I immediately remembered him as a Minnesota North Star (a team he never played for) while most of the others nailed him correctly as a Black Hawk for most of his NHL years.   Sadly I have no hockey card memory of Lou.  A quick google search shows he also played the 1962-63 season here in the KW area with the KW Tigers before moving on to the Rochester Americans.  Who knew?

Mike also tossed out the name Dennis Kearns who several also remembered (including me correctly) as a Canuck.  Proof positive is in the accompanying card image.








There was also a bit of banter about some other players and old teams that came and went until we stumbled on one we couldn’t solve in the room via consensus – when did the Kansas City Scouts enter the league?  As luck would have it, and as the song “2 outta 3 ain’t bad” suggests, I also had a card for that – 1974!

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