The Father David Bauer Tournament

The St. Pete’s High School team that I played on competed in the Father David Bauer tournament for a couple of years in the late 70’s and early 80’s.  In fact, the 1979 tournament was the inaugural event.  I was in grade 10 for that first tournament and played exactly two shifts in a total of five games in the tournament.   While I would have preferred to have played more, I was just happy to be on the team and it made me hungrier for the next year’s event.

Both year’s tournaments were a ball of fun.  A hockey team of high school boys staying at a Toronto hotel (the Holiday right next to Yorkdale Mall, just down the 401 from Pine Point Arena) over a Thursday to Sunday long weekend is a tough event for the participants not to enjoy.  I have so many funny memories from those two year’s events.  There was the swims in the pool where the boys were trying to get enough arc off the diving board to see if they could get a hand on the huge hanging flower garden that was suspended over the pool.  Not sure what they would have done had the got a hold of it.  Yikes.

There were the pillow fights where we actually donned our helmets because getting the hell thrashed out of you by a pillow repeatedly really can give you a headache.  There were the rather benign hazing rituals like wedgies and so forth at the hands of the team veterans, although in one case I remember someone (who shall be nameless here to protect the innocent) getting a pillow case taped over his head and put on to the elevator and sent to the lobby (and every floor in between) in his drawers.

There were the grand buffet dinners at the Eaton’s in the mall – not a whole lot of eating discipline going on there for this group of growing lads.  There was the shouts from the balcony at the boys from Ottawa as they left for home defeated , whose sticks had gone missing and who were might pissed because of it, where we thanked them for the firewood we had at our team bonfire the previous night.

I remember having a really great tournament the second year, where my 3rd-line mates (Dan McDougall and Pete Sullivan) and I chipped in far more goals than were expected of us.

We lost soundly in the finals of the 1980 tournament to Henry Carr who would also beat us later that year in the OFSSA semi-finals.



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