A sad day for hockey in Peterborough yesterday when Bud McDougall, a local with deep roots in the hockey and lacrosse community, passed away.  I have been best friends with his middle son Dan since I was in my early teens and good friends with Mike and Paul his other two sons.  All were hockey players as was their sister Diane.

He was always known as Bud, although I don’t know where / how / when we acquired this name.  Mike actually called him bud rather than Dad on most occasions I saw them together.  Bud’s dad was known as Shrimp McDougall (both were officially named Harold) and Shrimp played in the NHL for a brief period when Bud was very young.

Bud was a co-founder of the Jeff Purvey’s Fish and Chip Restaurant sponsored “Purvey Petes” later renamed the Peterborough Petes Oldtimers.  Oldtimers perhaps, but boy could those old boys play hockey.  I remember our high school team would have a tune-up match against these guys before attending the Father David Bauer Tournament in Toronto in the late70’s and early 80’s.

We were a decent high school team that went to the OFSSA championship semi-finals two years in a row…but we couldn’t touch the puck in the fall against these guys.  No, Bud and his band of merry hockey men would skate the beejeezus out of us young bucks.  It was quite a clinic and a lot of fun.  We usually played them a second time in the winter half of the season and I recall we may have beat them by that point but that may just be optimism in what is now this oldtimer’s mind.

Bud – you’ll be missed.

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