Heavy Hits

I saw an old classmate and teammate from my high school years yesterday – Ross Cowie at Bud McDougall’s funeral.  A great stay-at-home defenceman, we played on the St. Pete’s high school team together many moon ago.  Ross took one of the hardest hits I ever saw, during an OFSSA semi-final game in North Bay in  early March 1981.  It was early in the game and he attempted to take the puck behind our net from one side and then out and up the other side.

Unfortunately, his head was down as he came out around the other side and one of our opponent’s forwards zoomed in with his bomb doors open.  Poor old Rosco got knocked right into the next county I think.  It was an old school concussion where we just sat him on the end of the bench until game was over.  It was a long cold night for him I’m sure.  The hit also served to get his older brother Brad, our best player, all fired up and off his game.  We were down 5-1 by end of the first and really never contended.  I’ll write more about that game later in the season.


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