The Silence of the Game

As I sat at my keyboard looking for inspiration for this post, I found myself listening to Peter Gabriel’s “Here Comes the Flood”.  (Not sure what it’s about but the title gives the impression it’s about hockey).  It’s one of those really slow songs with long pauses between notes – almost no sounds happening at all.

And so, after my last post about the sounds of the game, it was with some irony that I found my inspiration in the non-sounds of the game – the silence of the game, if you will.

Of course, there is no greater quiet than that which comes from the puck going in clean and finding “nothing but net”.  Very quiet, very sweet.  Then there’s the nothing that can be heard from a perfect drop pass.   The drop pass is a misnomer really.  It’s not so much a pass as it is a “leaving of the puck” for a player behind the front of the play.

On the dark side, there’s the silence that descends on a rink when a player goes down and all watching know it is, or could be, bad.

There’s the quiet of being the first one on to the ice, and to have it all to yourself for awhile.  You can choose to kill that silence by shooting up a storm or by skating as hard as you wish.  Or, you can coast, and just soak up the quiet of the rink all to yourself.

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