My Christmas List

  • For Sid the kid, somewhere to play.  Anywhere.  Europe or perhaps even Woolwich’s own WOHL – just let the poor guy play so we can all watch him in his prime.
  • New shoulder pads ‘cuz my old pair from high school are clearly in their victory lap season
  • A Harry-Potter-like wand that cures ailing stick blades like mine.  I hate to replace this stick, which I’ve been using this last season or two, since it has been so good to me and which I’m sure has a few more goals, passes and even laugh-evoking misses in it
  • A package of clear tape because the need to tape shins is as ongoing as humanity itself.
  • And lastly, a holdover from last year’s list – a time machine so I could go back and see my Dad playing in his prime.  It would be a beautiful thing.

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