The Draft

Blue is back.

The second-half draft for the W was held this afternoon and after much sniping and trading of scouting information the way fishermen trade info about where the fish are biting (hint: fisherman don’t do this), the four teams were divied up.

After studying Blue’s success from the first half carefully, I spotted what I think was the secret sauce – common names.  We had two guys named Bob and whenever ref Rich played for us, we had two guys named Rich.

And so, in today’s draft, I chose accordingly and am happy to announce I landed the same two Bob’s (and a third if you count Colonel in this category),  two Chris’s, three guys last-named Martin and some overlap amongst these duplicated first-name / last-name combo’s.  We’re loaded with common names and I think that is something we can build on, something we can feel good about.

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