Hockey on Television

I remember really vaguely watching games on TV on Sunday afternoons when I was a kid.  As I’ve said before on this blog, this is going way back.  Old Detroit teams playing someone, maybe the Blues.  Stan Makita against Gary Unger.  Or maybe the New York Rangers with Eddie Giacomin in the cage for the Rangers playing the Bruins.  It’s so long ago, and the memory so foggy, it may not even be true.  Perhaps my old hockey memory deceives me?

Let’s face it, Sunday afternoon was a decidedly un-Canadian time to be watching hockey.  When it came to televised games, Hockey Night in Canada was where things were at with the Leafs or the Habs on tap on Saturday nights, and then the Leafs again on Wednesday nights.   Dave Hodge and Brian McFarlane were the first Leaf colour guys I can remember, wearing those powder-blue CBC blazers (“You stay classy Toronto”) and Dick Irvin and Danny Galivan in Montreal.

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