Last Minute of Play in this Period

A couple of posts ago, I dug up a memory on Roger Doucet, the Habs Anthem singer.    On the same night this memory popped to the surface, we also dug up that famous nasally voice that used to announce the goals and penalties at Leaf games and of course, notify one and all thrice per game that the game had entered that uber-critical moment – the “last minute of play in this period”.   Not sure why it was important to announce that since every rink had a great big clock that people could figure out on their own.

However, the voice’s owner, Paul Morris, sounded these events out at the old cash box on Carlton Street in the big smoke for all of my boyhood years.  “Goal scored by number 27 Darryl Sittler.  Assists by number 7 Lanny McDonald and number 12 Errol Thompson“.   I can still clearly remember the sound of this voice.

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