Game Day

I like Thursdays.   For over 25 years, in the winter at least, Thursday’s have been a hockey day for me.  Granted, the game has been somewhere between low-key pickup and as high-tempoed as things can get in an oldtimer league, but make no matter – it’s always been a great way to begin the week’s curtain call and prepare for the weekend.

When work is crazy busy, Thursday hockey has always been a great stress reliever.  When work is not so busy, it’s even easier to look forward to as one of the great treats in life.

I remember a line from a Dennis Quaid movie where he portrayed an aging baseball player who gets a second chance at a big league career.  At one point, feeling low, he’s about to pack it in.  Then, for some reason, he gets a second wind.   As he enters the dressing room, he meets one of his teammates with a big grin and says “You know what we get to do today Brooks?  We get to play baseball!”.   It’s a wonderful scene and I feel that emotion almost every time I walk into a dressing room to don my gear.

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