Hockey Smells

I have an awkward back door and landing area which makes it difficult to get my gear into and out of the house.  As a result, I leave it in the garage.  This works pretty well except in the really cold months because it just freezes and when I get to my games late at night and take my stuff out, it’s just ridiculous cold to put on.

Last night was no exception.  It was a very cold week here in KW, even in this age of climate change.  As I slowly put my gear on and winced, some of my teammates chucked while others were suffering a similar fate.  Talk inevitably turned to the various ways of warming one’s equipment.  The furnace room was a favourite but it was acknowledged that this approach can sometimes have that unique hockey bag smell getting beyond the furnace room.

One of the Bob’s on the team even suggested he once threw his gear into the dryer once to warm / dry it prior to a game and that ended quite a bit more poorly than the furnace room approach with a spousal reprimand finishing it off.  Amazing how it wafted quickly throughout the whole house from the dryer.  Who knew?  We kidded him that his wife probably heard the noise of his skates pounding around inside the dryer like a very large piece of change and that’s what really tipped her off.

Anyway, we hit the ice shortly thereafter and in short, we stunk and lost big.

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