The last two pairs of gloves I’ve owned must have been made of some magic materials that my gloves prior to that never were.  I bought my current pair about two years ago and they are wonderful.  Not sure the brand.  The ones prior, a set of Missions were equally good gloves and the leather in the palms was as soft they day I put them down as they day I bought them.  The stitching gave up bad on the one glove and a couple of holes had developed that didn’t warrant re-palming.  I had played with them for probably seven or eight years so they didn’t owe me anything.

However, prior to those pairs, gloves weren’t as….nice.  I can remember the palms getting so hard you had to have a long warm-up prior to the game just to work your gloves in, never mind trying to get your own body revved up to play.   When they got holes in them, as they invariably did, the edges of the leather were brutal.  I don’t miss gloves like that.

Speaking of old school gloves, (or as that famous TV commercial from a few years back used to call old equipment “throw back” equipment), remember how far up the arm gloves used to come?  The short cuff glove is a relatively new thing and while I didn’t like it at first because of the lack of wrist protection, it has made puck handling nicer and when you’re playing in a relatively benign oldtimer league like I do, this is a nice benefit.

When I was younger, gloves were one of those pieces of equipment that were cool.   All sleek and padded, they were just different than shin pads and elbow pads and sweaters.  Perhaps it’s because they were worn on the outside.  No, gloves and skates were to a hockey player what chrome exhaust and mags were to car guys.  Warrior stuff – arg! – which is funny when you consider they are the first thing removed when a scrap develops.

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