This Isn’t Normal and Why We Are Lucky Here in Canada

At our game last night in Elmira, a teammate who is a well-traveled cat made the comment about how lucky we are to place in such a fine facility.  He travels so much he hasn’t had a chance to play all that regularly over the past few years and he marveled about how nice it was to be home for an extended period and be able to play consistently.  He said it’s truly a wonderful country where there is peace, jobs and recreation like hockey that can still be enjoyed by old blokes like us.

He mentioned that in the Czech Republic, he has a friend who lives in a pretty serious hockey town there and that friend just cannot understand how adults are still playing here.  The rub?  In his town ( a pretty fair sized town), there is only one indoor arena and the ice time goes to the kids.  This guy was incredulous that we have multiple, multi-pad rinks in a single town.

My friend noted that there are few places in the world he has traveled that compare to Canada with respect to the good fortune its citizens enjoy.  “This isn’t normal” was his final comment.

Lucky indeed, yes we are.

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