A friend /neighbour who has a son the same age as mine, once remarked after our boys’ house-league hockey team won their league championship, that it was a really wonderful thing to be part of a winning team because many kids play sports for years and never get that experience.   Couldn’t agree more.

I don’t remember the endings to seasons where we didn’t win the championship but I do remember those where we did win a house league title.   Three in fact and like much of my other old hockey glitter, I stuffed it all in a bag and kept it.

The badges below represent wins in for St. Anne’s teams in Peterborough’s church league.   The first badge was from a team coached by Bob Hickey and Jerry Strickland and was the only year I ever played defence for an entire season.  (My goalie-mates in the WOHL still don’t buy that I ever played defence anywhere, ever).  The latter two were won with Ed and Brian at the helm.


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