Ball Hockey in Seagram’s Gym

In the mid-to late 90’s, I hooked up with some guys in Waterloo who played ball hockey Thursday nights in the winter at 9:00 in the Seagram’s gym, underneath the stands at the football stadium.  It was awesome.  It was about the same time I had quit playing in the Grand River Sunday night ice hockey league and had joined the WOHL guys in Elmira who also played on Thursday nights at 11:00 PM.  I had more jump back then so would play both the 9:00 – 10:30 ball hockey slot then drive to Elmira or St. Jacob’s and play the 11:00 ice game.   I was always good and tired on Friday’s.

There were some awesome players in the gym and some were guys who never played ice hockey.  Gumby and Frank were legends and could stick handle like no one else.  We always had a couple of good tenders, and one guy named Moe was just a hoot to play against because he’d get all wacked out when the net started filling up behind him, which it did on a regular basis.

It was a beating on the shin bones and I think I still have bumps on my shins that were a result of stick chops from those nights.  After several years of this, the same group moved to the Moses Springer Arena in the summer and played all year.  It was pretty good there for a few years too but that rink seemed to get bigger and bigger and I stopped playing at some point where it started feeling too much like work.  Around that same time, I started playing summer ice hockey at the Columbia Ice Fields in Waterloo.

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