The Last Goal

I’ve written a couple of posts over the past few weeks about a new stick I bought that I haven’t had time to cut off and get game-ready.   It’s not that takes a bunch of time but my hacksaw is elsewhere and I simply haven’t had time to run to a neighbour’s and borrow one.  However, this weekend promises more time and so it was that when I hit the ice last night, it was a pretty good bet it was the last game I’d play with current stick.  It’s all but broke and a hard pass is tough to take cleanly.  I don’t shoot very hard on my best shots but even I am feeling it being weaker than necessary to get off a clean shot.

Having said that, I was able to snag a pair of greasy rebounds with it last week that I was able to shovel over the line and last night, got a gift early on a loose puck that turned into a breakaway.   Moose guessed right and gave me nothing in the cage so I just fired it hard along the ice on a prayer.  The clinking sound as it hit the back pipe confirmed that this particular stick, although ready for pasture, had found once more hole.  It was a good stick.  An honest stick.  A hard working stick.


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