The New Stick…

…didn’t work.

In fact, I hate it.  The curve is unwieldy and I over-taped the grip slightly.  I fought the puck all night and generally felt like the stick was working against me.  After the game I offered it for sale for $20 to the highest bidder (which makes its cost per game to me well beyond even my worst wooden sticks of years gone by).   However, on leaving the dressing room and having one of the Sedin’s offer to take it off my hands for $20, I waffled and decided I’m too cheap to eat the full-cost-minus-$20 and said I’d like to give it one more game.

Hockey sticks are a funny damn thing.  They just have to feel right and the older I get, the fewer sticks in the stores have that combination of lightness, curve and blade shape that I like.  This thing better feel better by the end of the week or one of the Sedin’s is going to get himself an almost new stick at a great price.

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