The Bad Wheel Giveth Life to the Voice Within

When you lose an edge, you gain a dreadful feeling that lurks inside you, that little presence that tells you not to turn too hard, too fast, too sharp.  Don’t wheel too quickly when the play breaks the other way, don’t spin quite as tight to lose a defender down low.  For if you do, your wheel may be trusty or it may not.  If it fails you though, the results won’t be pretty.

When I was a kid in high school and needed a sharpen on an off-ice day, I’d drag my skates out of my hockey bag and throw in my gym bag before going to bed at night and head down to Spokes ‘n Pedals during my lunch period at school to get ’em done up.  A buck a sharpen, and later, when it became the goto place for good sharpens, it was a buck and a bit I think.

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