Let The Tournament Begin

The much anticipated email from the freshly-minted captains of this year’s end-of-year WOHL tourney were sent yesterday.  And the verdict is…White is the new Blue.

Yes, I’ll be trading in my blue sweater for a white one late Thursday night.  White looks solid,  really solid.  As much as I’ll have blue tatooed on my chest forever, it is just a wash-off tatoo and by post-game Thursday night, I’ll be as white as white on rice.

The year-end tournament is an epic event and one all WOHL’ers look forward to.  Five hours on a Saturday where each team gets three 40-minutes games.  In between, there is a literal feast going on since most of us will have skipped breakfast to get to the rink on time as well as a figurative feast of trash-talk, taunts and hockey blarney.

And of course, we get to play hockey.

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