True Blue

Some games are painfully difficult, some are wonderfully simple.  You’ll note I didn’t use the word “easy” to define the opposite of difficult.  No game is ever easy for an old-timer.  Let’s leave it at simple.  Tonight’s game was a good example of simple.

Red has owned us the last few times we played them, but not tonight.  We scored early and often and cruised to a 6-2 win.  The hockey gods were good to us tonight.  Our tender was awesome and made some solid saves as we rolled in some nice ones at the other end.  Red’s tender was also good but it was just one of those games where, when he looked left, the puck was on the right, when he went down, Jonesy and McTavishy shot high.

Pucks went to the net and good things happened.  Pucks hit legs and went in instead of hitting legs and staying out.  Pinches at the blueline kept pucks in instead of turning into breakaways for the bad guys.   Simple stuff and at the end, a win for Blue.   We all agreed it was a very good game.

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