How does one prepare for an old-timer hockey tournament?  By playing hockey of course!

Today was a good day as I was able to get to the Friday afternoon gang’s weekly game of shinny. This weekly event is a beauty because it’s an hour and a half.  A wonderful way to start any weekend.   I did have to think about this one though – tomorrow’s 3-games-in-5-hours tournament is one of those grueling and unique contests in sport.  Like the 15 round heavyweight bout, or the four best of seven’s that are required to drink from Stanley’s mug, this ain’t for just anyone who can slap on skates and wheel their hockey bag in from the parking lot.

So…on this day, after having played last night, I wondered whether an hour and a half of hockey was a good idea given what was on the agenda for tomorrow.  However, logic and reason won out – you can never play too much hockey.  And with that, to the rink I went.  I left a couple of shifts early though, making sure I didn’t drain the tank completely for tomorrow.

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