Why Do Some Root For The Leafs?

Ok, I admit, I find myself rooting for the Leafs.  Not often, not blue-maple-leaf tatoo’s on my chest but I do find myself wanting them to win when I’m watching them on TV.  I’m not a true fan because I actually take some perverse pleasure in them losing, consistently, painfully, year-after-year, decade-after-decade.

But I grew up watching them on Saturday nights, when Keon, Sittler, MacDonald and company owned the Gardens.  Later, when Wendell and Killer gave us hope and even later when Mats and the gang showed up, there were some glimours of hope and I jumped on the band-wagon at times.

This year’s squad looks pretty ordinary to me but who knows.  The question I am struggling to answer is why do I / we root for them?  Is it habit?  Is it proximity?   Is it because 25% of the time I wear blue and white in my oldtimer league?  It makes little sense to me.


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