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A Hockey Scene…In June

I went out for a quick walk down the street tonight to drop a letter into the mailbox.  A few houses away, on a gorgeous late spring evening, where the leaves were fully out and the temperature was bordering on hot, I spotted a young boy, about as tall as a Corey-Crawford goalie pad hacking away at a ball on the sidewalk.  He was shooting it about 20 feet with all his might, to his very pregnant mom who didn’t have the speed of Duncan Keith but looked like she was enjoying herself playing this time of year just the same.

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He Prays, He Scores

Much ado this past week in Canadian media about the Quebec Cardinal who could be the next Pope.  Not sure if the church has ever had a hockey-playing pontiff but J2P2 was an avid skier so why not someone who has donned the blades?   As a former “Church League” player myself, it almost feels like it would be an alumnus getting the big chair in Rome.  Nice.

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50 Mission Cap

As a big Tragically Hip fan, this song is one of my fav’s.  Barilko of course, is the stuff of legend, made more so by the tragedy that ended his life so quickly after him reaching such a wonderful pinnacle of sport at such a young age.  Imagine scoring the overtime winner against the Hab’s in the Stanley Cup finals as a member of the Leafs.


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Driving Home

I had an awesome drive home after last night’s game.  It was cold and there was a healthy wind hammering a fair bit of snow horizontally across Highway 85 as I drove back to KW from Elmira.  It felt like someone had sprinkled a little bit of Canada across all my senses.  Behind the wheel, it was just dicey enough to require one to be careful not to get to close too the shoulder where the snow was creeping out nor too close to the centre line (that I couldn’t see).

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Good on Peterborough

Good to see Peterborough put on such a good show for Hockey Day in Canada yesterday.   Watching the snippets of the Pete’s game at the Memorial Centre and the people skating on the canal brought back some good memories.

I’ve had enough of Don Cherry though.  Well past his best-before date.   The man has so very little of substance to say about hockey that goes beyond “tough guys are salt of the earth” that he’s not really interesting.  Even the clothes are old.   The game evolves and he doesn’t.  Move on CBC.

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This Isn’t Normal and Why We Are Lucky Here in Canada

At our game last night in Elmira, a teammate who is a well-traveled cat made the comment about how lucky we are to place in such a fine facility.  He travels so much he hasn’t had a chance to play all that regularly over the past few years and he marveled about how nice it was to be home for an extended period and be able to play consistently.  He said it’s truly a wonderful country where there is peace, jobs and recreation like hockey that can still be enjoyed by old blokes like us.

He mentioned that in the Czech Republic, he has a friend who lives in a pretty serious hockey town there and that friend just cannot understand how adults are still playing here.  The rub?  In his town ( a pretty fair sized town), there is only one indoor arena and the ice time goes to the kids.  This guy was incredulous that we have multiple, multi-pad rinks in a single town.

My friend noted that there are few places in the world he has traveled that compare to Canada with respect to the good fortune its citizens enjoy.  “This isn’t normal” was his final comment.

Lucky indeed, yes we are.

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January is the time of year that even when playing hockey inside at an arena, it is so cold that your feet get almost as cold as they do when playing outside.  I’ve noticed over the past few games that by the end of the game, the toes on my right foot, which had a run-in with some cold many moon ago, are in that numb-with-cold state.

January is also the time of year when there is no slop left over after the Zamboni / Olympia leaves the ice after flooding because the water is pretty much freezing instantly after it is layed down, unlike the fall and spring when warm days mean the first few shifts are always a little trickier because of wet spots on the ice.

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Begging For Shinny

I snapped this shot on my way to work a couple of days ago in downtown Kitchener.   Classic January morning in Canada – an open air rink, freshly flooded looking for action.

Freshly Flooded

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Puck Bunnies – Only in Canada You Say?

Rock stars have “groupies” and rodeo studs have their “buckle bunnies” but did you know that the term “Puck Bunny” is officially recorded in the Canadian Oxford Dictionary?  Who knew?

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Letting Amateurs Play For The Stanley Cup

As was the case in 2004 when the NHL season was scuppered completely, the idea is again being floated that if this season is shot completely that perhaps we should find some way to allow amateurs to compete for old Lord Stanley’s beaker.

Some would argue this woul taint it but I’m firmly in the camp that it would add to the lore of the grand prize of hockey.   I for one would be ready to enter the Blue team from this year’s WOHL into any such tournament.  These are character guys who are loaded with passion for the game and we’re probably as good or better than the other Blue and White team down the highway to the east, so why not?

Perhaps a tournament could be organized that draws teams randomly, lottery ball style, where all comers would be given an equal shot.   A peewee team, a group of old NHL wannabees, an industrial league team, guys and ladies alike would be given equal chance to play for the fame of having their names alongside Beliveau, Orr, Gretz and Mess.

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