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Damn Dog

I left a couple of rolls of clear tape on my table saw in the garage after Christmas.   I was in the backyard with the dog today and found him chewing on one.   Seriously, clear hockey tape?  How did some animal species exist prior to be domesticated?

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Alternate Uses For A Hockey Stick

This could be a long post but I’ll keep it short.

As I cruised through the garage the other day to grab some wood for the fire we were having, I chuckled when I saw that several years ago I had stacked the wood at the end of the garage using an old beater of a stick wedged between a small shelf and the wood pile so that I could stack the wood higher than it could have been stacked otherwise.

We’ve also used a stick more than once to unclog a laundry shoot that occasionally gets plugged in our old house.  I’ve chased a squirrel out of the house with a stick and there’s been a stick in the backyard for years that I use to shoot old Milo’s fetch ball (our family golden) across the yard to give him exercise.


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Can Pucks Be Eaten?

The golden retriever in this hockey player’s family has proven that yes they can.  A couple of years back, I was out in the garage and noticed that the old bucket of pucks had been moved from a higher shelf to a lower one where our Golden had access to it.

The bucket didn’t look as full as I thought it should so I headed for the backyard where he hangs out and sure enough, there were several pucks in a “chewed” state.   Some were almost half gone.  Now to be fair, golden’s sometimes just chew and don’t swallow what they are chewing but I didn’t see a whole lot of puck shavings around the scene of the crime.

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