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Letting Amateurs Play For The Stanley Cup

As was the case in 2004 when the NHL season was scuppered completely, the idea is again being floated that if this season is shot completely that perhaps we should find some way to allow amateurs to compete for old Lord Stanley’s beaker.

Some would argue this woul taint it but I’m firmly in the camp that it would add to the lore of the grand prize of hockey.   I for one would be ready to enter the Blue team from this year’s WOHL into any such tournament.  These are character guys who are loaded with passion for the game and we’re probably as good or better than the other Blue and White team down the highway to the east, so why not?

Perhaps a tournament could be organized that draws teams randomly, lottery ball style, where all comers would be given an equal shot.   A peewee team, a group of old NHL wannabees, an industrial league team, guys and ladies alike would be given equal chance to play for the fame of having their names alongside Beliveau, Orr, Gretz and Mess.

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If You Could Play One Game…

If you were given a chance to insert yourself into the lineup for any game in history (or if you prefer, the future), which game would it be and on which side?

An NHL game?  An Olympic game?  An original six era game or something closer to today’s genre?   Maybe old school suits you better and you’d be out there on the Gulf of St. Lawrence somewhere way back.   Who would you want play alongside?  The setup man for Brett Hull perhaps, or Paul Coffey’s stay-at-home defence partner.  Maybe Eddie Shack’s sidekick just for the laughs.   How about being behind the bench with Richard all fired up, his eyes all crazy looking.

Me?  Ah, what a question to ask.

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