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Love of Hockey, Love of a Women

I’m old enough to remember when Gordon Lightfoot wasn’t old.   He’s one of those Canadian songwriters that some love, some hate.  My father in the former category, my father-in-law in the latter.  Lightfoot once wrote a song called “Did She Mention My Name” where he lyrically wonders about a love from days gone by.   I’m not sure if he is talking hockey or not but I’m going to assume so when he asks the question “Is the home team still on fire, do they still win all their games?” because it just fits for me.   After I left Peterborough, hearing this song often made me think of the Pete’s, because from my youth, they were a perennial contender.

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Several years ago, when the Crowley backyard rink was the centre of family action in the winter months, my youngest flipped a stick upside-down and attempted to control the puck with the end of the stick instead of the blade.  She was imitating a neighbourhood friend who played ringette, but given our rink was always littered with the pucks her brother and I shot endlessly around her (and probably far too close to her on several occasions) instead of rings, she had to make do with the materials at hand.

She promptly dubbed her own game “puckette” and for the next winter or two, enjoyed playing a unique blend of hockey and ringette that could only have been born on an L-shaped family rink alongside a father and brother.

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Puck Bunnies – Only in Canada You Say?

Rock stars have “groupies” and rodeo studs have their “buckle bunnies” but did you know that the term “Puck Bunny” is officially recorded in the Canadian Oxford Dictionary?  Who knew?

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Back When Girls Didn’t Play Much

Many years ago, one of my older sisters, who at the time had a son playing house-league, professed to me that she realized while watching him how fun hockey was.  It made her realize how sad it was that in her younger days, there were no leagues for girls.   I felt quite bad at this realization since I’ve reaped so much enjoyment from the game for so many years.

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