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Dave Dryden

dave dryden

dave dryden

Any old-school, hockey-loving Canuck worth his Tackaberries knows Ken Dryden, the storied Canadian / Canadien hero goalie with more Connie Smythe hardware and Stanley Cup rings than “Carter has pills” as my father-in-law would say.  (Not sure who Carter was but he’s quoted often at the in-laws; however I digress).   A lesser known fact is that Ken had an older brother who was a pretty fair goalie himself.  More of a journeyman in that he played on several NHL teams and didn’t end up with as much hardware as his sibling protege but a good man to be sure.

And I know this first hand because his son Greg and I ended up at Uni together and lived as roommates in a student ghetto house in Kingston for a couple of years in the early 80’s.   As scary-smart as anyone I’ve ever met, Greg is / was a great guy.   He didn’t play hockey, which unfortunately we Peterborough guys razzed him unfairly about but it was serendipitous to learn when I got to know Greg that after his Dad had hung up his NHL / WHL skates, he landed in Peterborough for a stint as the Pete’s coach.

Earlier, Dave Dryden played pro for 18 years in both the NHL and the WHA and won the WHA award as the league’s top goalie and the Gordie Howe award as League MVP in 1979.  Not bad at all.   On the slightly more negative side of the trivia equation, he also was the goalie who gave up Gretzky’s first professional goal in 1979.

Alas, every man has a dark side and this picture proves in the case of Dave Dryden, his may have been the barber he visited.

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I Never Once Played Goalie

If you played organized hockey as a little kid, chances are decent you threw the pads on for at least one go in the cage.  It might have only been for a practice, or a scrimmage or even a mother-son, father-son game.  I never did.

I had aspirations of doing so.  I was all queued for an early Sunday morning practice in the Holy Land (Ennismore) in my second year of playing.  Can you believe my parents slept in for an early Sunday morning practice?  They never slept in.  And so my chance came and went and never came again.

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Who Was First Euro Player in Hockey Hall?

Tretiak!  A fitting choice.   Check out this blog entry at 3rd String Goalie for more details.

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Rockstars and Hockey

Here’s a great story about two great Canadian musicians and hockey.  My neighbour told this one over dinner a couple of years back.  This neighbour knew someone who was friends with Gord Downie of the Tragically Hip and Downie apparently plays goalie.  So, this story comes from Downie to a friend who is also a friend of my neighbour.  Not exactly Pulitzer-journalism but this is just a hockey blog so get over it.

There was some occasion where Downie was involved in a game where Jim Cuddy of Blue Rodeo was also playing.  One of the other players on the ice, who was new to the group, recognized Cuddy but didn’t recognize Downie.  At the end of the game, as they were making their way off  the ice, this person skates over to Downie and asks if that’s really Jim Cuddy.  Downie confirms it is and the other guy says something to Downie about how cool it is to have just played a game with a famous Canadian music man, having no idea who Downie was.

Goalies eh?  Life behind the mask is a life of anonymity.

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Keeping the Bar at Just the Right Level

The Blue team opened with a 4-1 win in the W last night.  Moose, our crafty keeper of the cage, finally had one get past him with less than a buck to go.  Not discouraged in any way, his comment after the game was that winning by a shutout on opening night would set the bar awfully high too early in the season.  Gotta like a goalie with an attitude like that but it got me thinking that perhaps we pumped in a goal or two too many for the same reasons?

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“Hail Cesare!”

Cesare Maniago

Yes, the fans used to actually chant that when Cesare Maniago, the Minnesota North Stars main man in the cage in their early years was on his game.  Is there a greater name than Cesare Maniago?  I think not.  I remember this goalie from the 70’s mostly because of his elegant name and a little because of the cool masks he wore.

One other memory I have, though it’s pretty faint, is watching him one Saturday night on TV when his Stars played the Leafs and he had one whale of game.  Don’t remember the score but I remember him making a lot of great saves.

The pic of the hockey card is from my old collection.  At Third String Goalie, here’s a blurb on the Stars in their early days as well some details on Maniago…and a picture of his cool masks.

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Our fearless leader, organizer and goaltender through many years of summer and winter hockey declared as he came off the ice this past Thursday night after shinny, “I bought 50 pucks at the beginning of the year and now I only have 15 left!  I don’t know where they all went.”

Without missing a beat, someone chirped “Did you check your net?”  Ouch indeed.

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