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I Get to Play Hockey Every Day

I did something last night I don’t do often.  I watched a Leaf game from drop of the puck to the end point.  The fact that Crosby was playing influenced me to some degree as I’ve always loved watching top athletes compete in their prime regardless of the sport.    I enjoyed watching every aspect of his play last night.  He is a great one.

However, on this night, one of the highlights for me was the between-period interview with a Penguin rookie named Beau who was called up three weeks ago and is playing on Malkin’s line. He’s put up some decent numbers and is playing well.  When asked what the high point has been over the last three weeks, he nailed it:  “I get to play hockey every day!” he said.

No kidding.  Well said.

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Game Day

I like Thursdays.   For over 25 years, in the winter at least, Thursday’s have been a hockey day for me.  Granted, the game has been somewhere between low-key pickup and as high-tempoed as things can get in an oldtimer league, but make no matter – it’s always been a great way to begin the week’s curtain call and prepare for the weekend.

When work is crazy busy, Thursday hockey has always been a great stress reliever.  When work is not so busy, it’s even easier to look forward to as one of the great treats in life.

I remember a line from a Dennis Quaid movie where he portrayed an aging baseball player who gets a second chance at a big league career.  At one point, feeling low, he’s about to pack it in.  Then, for some reason, he gets a second wind.   As he enters the dressing room, he meets one of his teammates with a big grin and says “You know what we get to do today Brooks?  We get to play baseball!”.   It’s a wonderful scene and I feel that emotion almost every time I walk into a dressing room to don my gear.

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My Christmas List

  • For Sid the kid, somewhere to play.  Anywhere.  Europe or perhaps even Woolwich’s own WOHL – just let the poor guy play so we can all watch him in his prime.
  • New shoulder pads ‘cuz my old pair from high school are clearly in their victory lap season
  • A Harry-Potter-like wand that cures ailing stick blades like mine.  I hate to replace this stick, which I’ve been using this last season or two, since it has been so good to me and which I’m sure has a few more goals, passes and even laugh-evoking misses in it
  • A package of clear tape because the need to tape shins is as ongoing as humanity itself.
  • And lastly, a holdover from last year’s list – a time machine so I could go back and see my Dad playing in his prime.  It would be a beautiful thing.

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The Kid Came Back.    Long live Sid.

I’m old enough to have watched Orr, I grew up on a steady diet of Gretzky highlight reels and I know the Islanders are a weak team.   But is it possible Sid is the best player to have ever played the game?


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